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Trip Abroad

This page introduces diaries of trip to oversees and inside Japan with a focus on railways.

Visited Countries:35 countries and areas (except Japan)

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Travel Diary List
Travel To Date Visited Countries Outline Travel Diary
Trans-Siberian Railway Feb.6-16.2005 Russia
South Korea
This is the first trip abroad vertually. I went to Moscow by air, and then I travelled to Beijin from Moscow via Mongolia by Trans-Siberian Railway. Travel Diary of Trans-Siberian Railway
Europe Jul.19-25.2013 Germany
I visited three countries in Europe. In Germany, I travelled along the Rhine. Then I moved to Italy via Switzerland. I took Frecciarossa and .Italo, which are high-speed train in Italy. In return journey, I took B787 from Helsinki. Travel diary of Europe 2013
Tohoku Region in Japan Aug.16-18.2013 Japan I visited Tohoku region in Japan and took the Hayabusa and Komachi, the new trains of Shinkansen. 1st day of 3 days
2nd day of 3 days
3rd day of 3 days
Tohoku Region in Japan Feb.22-23.2014 Japan I visited Tohoku region in Japan and took the Akebono, night train from Aomori to Ueno in Tokyo. This train stopped to operate on March 2014. 1st day of 2 days
2nd day of 2 days
Kyoto in Japan Mar.21.2014 Japan I took a day trip to Kyoto by Super Hakuto, limited express. I also took Keihan line on the return journey. Day trip to Kyoto

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